Live Vape

If you or someone you wants help to quit vaping, Next Era can help with that.
Text “VAPEFREE” to 873373 and get ready to stop vaping.

Live Vape Free is a free texting program for Louisiana residents ages 13 to 17 who use e-cigarettes or vapes. The interactive program teaches skills that teens can use to quit vaping for good. Live Vape Free is text-message based that offers interactive coaching. Participants have access to a Quit Coach at any time who can provide additional education, tools, and guidance to help them along their quit journey. Features include videos, quizzes, self-assessments, podcasts, and help to address why you vape and how to stop.

The Live Vape Free Line is:

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Vaping does what?! @Vice reports that in a study done on mice, vapes changed the lungs on the cellular and molecular levels. Bad news, vapes are often shown as the lesser of two evils next to cigarettes, are starting to show evidence that they are just as bad as ciggies. does what?!
Each day you wake up can be the start of something fresh and new. Like today for example, if you vape and want to quit, today can be the start of your life without vaping. It might not be easy, but it’ll be worth it.
Nearly half of high school students reported that they vape EVERY DAY! That’s a significant percentage! Lowering that number is important to us; if you’re a young person who vapes or smokes and wants to quit, hit us up by texting “VAPEFREE” to 873373.
How does Big Tobacco target certain people? From flavoring to design to the color of the packaging, these are subtle ways Big Tobacco sucks you in. Don’t fall for these tactics.
As a society, we frequently talk about the importance of mental health. Vaping can negatively affect your mental health, increasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. YIKES. Keep your mental health in check and stop vaping; if you need help leaving it behind, text “VAPEFREE” to “873373”.